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Once you make a purchase, you automatically become a Member of our sales community.

Our bags get noticed.  It’s a fact.  When you enter a room, discreetly watch for repeated glances at your bag (just be careful not to be creepy about it).  You can call them out on it, or just wait and let it come out naturally.  More often than not, they will confess to checking out your bag. We experience this ourselves on a regular basis, and it’s been confirmed by our clients.  Which is why we regard our Members as potential sales reps, and we’ve created an infrastructure that rewards any new sales that you may generate.

Member Referral Rewards*

Points are calculated at 7% of the referred sale total – after discounts and not including any taxes or shipping fees. Basically, you accumulate points for every sale referral (1 point = $1). You can either redeem these points as store credit or we will send your cash commission to your active PayPal account at the end of each month (if the cumulative amount has reached the $50 payout minimum).

We’ll keep track of all this for you, and you’ll be able to log into our Member Referral Rewards affiliate dashboard to monitor your progress (a link will be included in your welcome email).

How it Works

Once you have made your purchase (it speeds things up if you register on our site during the checkout process), we will send you an email to confirm your membership along with more information and a special URL that you can use to send people to our website. 

We are able to track any new purchases that are generated when people visit our site using your URL. It will look something like this “”. 

We suggest the following examples of how you might use it:

  • Facebook – Post the URL we provide to your facebook page or to any relevant groups you belong to.  When you meet someone new, you can connect with them on Facebook and share the link to their page, or direct message them with your URL.
  • Instagram – Take photos of you and your bag (or just your bag) in various travel spots and link to your unique URL.
  • Email Signature – add a message to your email signature (ex. “I love my handmade leather carryall from Relje International”) with a link to your unique URL

As a Member, we give you the rights to use any of our product images for the sole purpose of promoting sales for Relje International.

We have a strict Anti Spamming Policy.  If we suspect you of misrepresenting our brand with aggressive or inappropriate marketing methods, we reserve the right to remove you from the program and discontinue any rewards distributions without warning.


You accumulate rewards points every time someone makes a purchase through your link. At the end of each month, if your points balance has reached a minimum of $50, we will send you the amount to the PayPal account you provide. If the amount is less than $50, the balance will continue to accumulate until it reaches reaches the payout minimum. To receive your refund distribution in this manner, you MUST provide us with an active PayPal account. If you can not set up a PayPal account, your referral rewards points will continue to accumulate and can be used as store credit.

Member Referral Rewards balances can be redeemed as store credit at any time. You will be able to monitor your progress by logging into our affiliate dashboard (a link will be included in your welcome email). If you are ready to make a purchase with your credits, please contact us at

* Member Referral Rewards terms in effect starting 1 December, 2017.  All terms are subject to change at any time without notice, however any changes to these terms will not affect the amount or distribution of any previously earned rewards.