Guaranteed Workmanship

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Lifetime Warranty

We inspect all our handmade leather products very closely both during construction and prior to shipping, but in the unlikely event that something does go awry, don’t stress. We’ve got you covered.

All our products have a lifetime warranty on stitching and riveting. We designed these products to withstand years of use. So if either the stitching or riveting wears out from regular use, we’ll repair it free of charge. Within the first 5 years, we’ll pay for shipping as well. After that, we may ask you to pay for shipping.

Even if something happened to your bag and you’re not sure if it’s covered under the warranty, send us a photo and a brief description of what happened. We’ll see what we can do.

Quality Construction

A solid guarantee begins with solid design and workmanship.  We design all of our products to stand the test of time and we utilize proven construction methods found in vintage military bags over a half a century old (and still going strong).

  • Fabric can fray and tear, which is why we use premium full grain italian leathers.
  • Our designs minimize the number pieces, thus minimizing the number of seams and connections. Which are all potential points of failure.
  • We reinforce all rivets with glue and or stitching to prevent any “wiggle” that, over time, can lead to loosening and eventual failure.
  • The elements and friction can destroy thread.  Which is why we hand stitch all seams (instead of machine sewing). By hand stitching, we’re able to pull each stitch tight enough to partially (or entirely) recess the thread into the surface of the leather.  This further safeguards the thread against long term wear.
  • Stitched seams are strategically placed to avoid direct friction that could eventually wear through the thread.
  • Regarded by many as the best thread in the world, we use Ritza “Tiger” waxed thread.
  • Even the best paint job peels with time and use. Which is why we don’t paint the edges of the leather.  Instead, we take the time to carefully sand, dye, burnish, wax and polish every single edge so that the end product is clean, refined and durable.

Generation Carryall Line 10 Year Warranty

Ultimately, our goal is to make sure you feel secure enough to use your bag everyday and not feel that you have to “baby” it.
Below are some examples of what may or may not be covered.

What does it cover?  
  • Any failures of stitching or riveting due to regular use.
  • If a stitched seam is coming apart due to worn out stitches.
  • If a rivet comes apart completely, or is loose enough to threaten the integrity of the surrounding stitching.
  • If a minor incident causes a seam or join to fail (subject to review on a case per case basis).
What doesn’t it cover?
  • Any failures due to extreme abuse or neglect (visibly damaged by an incident involving a scrape, cut, gouge, crushing, or burning)
  • If only one or two stitches wears through, but the seam is still holding tight. We’ll show you how you can easily “cap” the thread in place and prevent any further loosening.
  • The glue on a seam has worked loose, but the rivet and or stitching is still intact and maintaining seam integrity.

Simple Process

We stamp each of our Generation products with a unique serial number.  So we can easily confirm your ownership and check our records for date of delivery.  You won’t need to provide any documentation, just your name and the serial number on the bag.  If you give the bag to someone else, no problem. Just send us their name and we’ll add it to our records so that the guarantee transfers to the new owner.

Refurbishing Services

What if something unnatural should happen to your bag (say you actually run it over with your car)? What if you just want to give your bag a face-lift (re-staining, conditioning, re-burnishing edges, etc)? We also offer refurbishing/repair services which are handled on a case per case basis.

To start the process, simply contact us at or use our online form