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I provide made to order leather bags & accessories designed to last a lifetime. Hand Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail using Premium Materials, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. My goal is to make a durable product with a timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion. Perfectly tailored to you and your lifestyle. Passed down from generation to generation.

I have many pre-existing designs to choose from, or we can discuss what you are looking for and design the perfect bag for you. While I finish overhauling the online shop, you can peruse the Lookbooks (Women, Men, Accessories, Custom Projects) for design ideas, then Send Me a Message.

Every item is specifically handcrafted for you. So I can adjust the dimensions of a pre-existing design to fit the specific items you will be carrying. Or we can discuss combining elements of different designs to come up with a new design. Prices have ranged from as little as $40 for a custom keychain to over $1000 for a full custom briefcase. I can work within a specific budget if you have an idea of what you want but have a spending limit. We’ll figure that all out in the design process. I’ve broken it down below into the multiple steps of a full custom project.

A quick demo of this completely customized leather attaché with tuck lock. Leather and fabric lining. Redacted logo with fabric inlay. Sculpted leather handle. Removable Shoulder Strap. Monogrammed initials.

The Steps of the Design Process

What kind of bag or accessory are you looking for? How will you be using it? What will it generally be holding? Which items will you access most frequently? Are you left handed or right handed? These are the types of questions I’ll be asking to get a good sense of what would make the “perfect bag”.

Is there a design I’ve already made that you like, or perhaps a combination of more than one? Are there other bag styles you’ve seen that you really like? What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them?

Depending on the style we select, stiff thicker case leather might work best, or perhaps a softer leather which I can get either smooth or naturally textured.  There are several colors that I try to keep in stock, but I can also custom order the perfect color if needed.

Based on all the information gathered, I’ll draw up a sketch to run by you.

After reviewing the sketch with you, I’ll potentially make revisions and we’ll review it again together till we get the design just right.

If I haven’t already made a similar item, I may decide to create a 3D mockup in paper, make refinements, then another mockup in cardboard.

Depending on how the first cardboard mockup turns out, I may make refinements to the design and create more cardboard mockups.

Once the design is finalized and approved by you, I’ll use the mockup to create the templates I’ll then use to cut out the leather pieces and make the final product.

You and your bag ride off into the sunset. If you’re ever in Sicily, make an appointment to drop by the workshop for a free conditioning.

Design your "Perfect Bag".

“Everything about my Relje premium leather bag is perfect! Measured to fit my shoulder perfectly. Selected the exact color and size I wanted. Quality of leather is exceptional. I use it every day with zero complaints. Truly satisfied.”

Gil P. (USA)