Your bag should become a part of you.  It should fit your body like your favorite t-shirt, carry your items without complaint and, like you, just keep getting better with age.

Fine Artistry and Traditional Craftsmanship

Fine artistry and traditional craftsmanship come together to create unique carryalls with equal parts refinement and practicality that can go wherever you need to go – from client meetings to travel adventures. Each item we create is a wearable work of art that performs a function. Part sculpture. Part valet.

Our designs are based on the same construction techniques found in collectible vintage leather bags from the 1950’s that are still in use today. Just like these classic carryalls, each piece is meticulously constructed and hand-stitched, resulting in an exceptionally durable product. We believe these bags should absorb your experiences as they age gracefully alongside you, and eventually be passed on.

Inspired by a past generation. Made for the next generation.


Each carryall is tailored to fit its new owner, with the ultimate goal being an optimal blend of form and function. Every creation is unique and handmade with your specific needs in mind.

We stand by our work.  All products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against regular wear on stitching and riveting.


They say that nobody’s perfect.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t try.  We give special attention to every aspect of each item we create with the goal of making each piece better than the last.

Ready for Adventure. Are you?


Design inspired by history and a wandering spirit. 

“The initial designs for Relje International were inspired by carryalls that have been around for over half a century. Bags that have been all over the world and seen a lot of action but still look great more than half a century later. I wanted to create something that ignored fad and fancy, where every design element had a structural purpose. Inherently tough, yet still elegant and aesthetically timeless.

As for the name, “Relje” (pronounced rel-yey)… it’s an eariler version of my family name. The family on my father’s side migrated several times throughout western Europe and the surname transformed slightly after each move. “Relje” was from around the Netherlands, sometime after “Reljea” (French) and before “Ralya” (Americanized). Using the name “Relje” symbolizes the vagabonding roots of those that came before me. Always in flux. Always adapting and finding new ways to thrive. A noble goal for any creative venture.

Richard Ralya, Designer/Founder of Relje International