Women’s Signature Tote

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We started with the throw-and-go concept of the traditional tote, but we wanted to also create something that would prevent the large opening gaps typical to most tote designs. Gaps that leave the contents vulnerable to prying eyes and wandering hands. What we came up with is a self cinching feature that closes the bag simply by picking it up. When carried under the arm, it’s virtually impossible to see inside, let alone reach in and pull something out.

The single piece construction of the main body uses premium full grain leather, which means it’s extremely durable and will last a lifetime – developing a rich unique patina the more you use it. A beautiful carryall that’s tough enough for everyday use.

All our products enjoy a LIFETIME YEAR WARRANTY


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Women’s Signature Tote model shown in Tobacco color.

Because the straps are threaded through the outer shell, we tested the design with extra care before giving it the official green light.  We loaded up the large tote with 12.75 kilograms (28 pounds), picked it up by the straps, and violently bounced the bag up and down for a minute. Rest. Repeat. After many rounds of this, we examined everything closely and confirmed that the design successfully handles the stress we put it under. Which is more than we could say about our arms.  We continued to put that same bag to heavy use for the next couple of months, using it every day for going to the supermarket, the beach, and occasionally for hauling gardening tools – whatever we did that required carrying things. It’s truly an all purpose throw-n-go tote.

Our bags are custom tailored to your needs. We work with you to select the right color and to customize the straps and overall dimensions to fit you like a glove. We take into consideration  how you will use your bag and what you will be carrying most often. Our goal is to create something that will look great on you and be functional in most scenarios you’ll find yourself in.

The standard dimensions below can be customized to fit your needs:
26 x 38 x 16mm (tapers at the top)

Materials: Premium full grain aniline Italian leather (2-2.5mm thick). Hand stitched with top quality Ritza waxed thread. Solid brass rivets. Discreet hidden magnet closure keeps things looking exceptionally clean. Burnished edges finish off a clean look that will age gracefully. Being handmade, each piece we create is unique, showing natural variations in color and markings – perfectly imperfect.


  1. Karin R (verified owner)

    I simply adore my custom handbag-cum-carryall.. I take it everywhere and it gets even more beautiful as it ages. Thank you!

  2. ramytramyt (verified owner)

    Mel’s anniversary gift came in today, and judging by her reaction, I think she kinda loved it. As did I – the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail on these beautifully handmade pieces was absolutely delightful. But as much as I expected nothing less than this level of quality from @reljeint, it was still quite a pleasant surprise. The accents, packaging, the design of the thank you card, the look, feel and scent of the leather, the stitching, the subtle but indistinguishable look and placement of the logo – all perfectly done. Two truly minimalist pieces, made by a master of his (many) crafts. Honestly, I can’t wait to buy one of his designs for myself.

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